manuka honey candies how many a day

The same dilemma every fall: as soon as the cold weather sets in, one wave of colds after another rolls in and with them coughs, sore throats and hoarseness.

Manuka honey is the perfect secret weapon right now, whether for acute support of the healing process or for prevention. And if you can always have it with you in a practical pastille form, you are always well prepared.


Lozenges with Manuka honey are the tasty, small alternative for on the go. Despite their handy size, they combine everything that makes our Manuka honey so special: antibacterial and antifungal properties, sustainable production in our family business and the pure taste of New Zealand.

They are always ready to hand from the first scratch and for regular consumption – whether at work, at school or when traveling. And the best thing about these little everyday companions: they also taste incredibly good!

Manuka sweets – little helpers with a big effect

Just like their big brother in a jar, Manuka honey sweets can be used in a variety of ways and provide powerful support for inflammation and health complaints of all kinds:

dry and irritated mucous membranes
hoarseness and sore throat
Inflammation of the mouth and throat
gum problems
bad breath
Gastrointestinal complaints

As with pure Manuka honey, Manuka pastilles are characterized by strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which they owe to the sugar decomposition product methylglyoxal, or MGO for short.

The following also applies to this Manuka product: the more acute and varied the symptoms, the higher the MGO content should be.

Its effect is further enhanced by the natural ingredient propolis: a bee product with an antibiotic effect similar to MGO, which is also an important component of Manuka honey lozenges and gives them additional strength.


A powerful combination of different natural active ingredients from New Zealand makes Manuka Honey Lozenges ideal helpers when the first signs of an infection strike.

In the case of acute inflammation or a cold, it is advisable to let Manuka Honey lozenges melt slowly on the tongue several times a day so that a soothing layer of honey is applied to the affected and irritated areas and the healing powers can take effect for as long as possible.

However, the lozenges are not only suitable for actively combating illness. Rather, they are the perfect portioned immune system boost for every day and contribute to a better well-being and strengthened immune system, so that many bacteria and viruses don’t even have a chance!

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